Friday, January 25, 2008


Yeah, so got up at 4 this morning to await my guide to pick me up to start the hike to MP. Never showed up though so now I´m waiting outside the office to discuss the matter. They don´t open till 9 and couldn´t get in touch with anyone that could help. I had booked the trip in Lima with a different organization who contracted the people here to do the actual tour. This morning has pointed out very well my limitations with Spanish as I just wasn´t communicating effectively on the phone this morning as I tried to get things solved. Never have spoken Spanish well in the morning.

At any rate, we´ll see what happens when I demand my money back. The bad thing is I now don´t have time to do the hike I wanted to do so I´ll have to take a shorter, less interesting route to MP. Oh well, I try to stay positive. I´m sure there are some lessons to be learned here but haven´t worked out what they are yet.

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