Monday, January 21, 2008


Lima has this really cool fountain system set up. Quite impressive for a country like this. Better and well, just different, than anything I´ve seen back home or elsewhere.

Basically, they converted a park into a series of fountains. Some of them are for kids to play in...shoot water unpredictably all over the place. Others are much larger and have a way of spraying the water so they can project images onto the water. Lots of other interesting ones interspersed with lasers and other pyrotechnics. And of course they have one really large fountain that shoots water a good 80 meters into the air. The big one didn´t look so impressive at started out shooting up only a little high...10 meters or so, but kept gradually shooting the water higher and higher. The wind kept blowing the spray more and more into the spectator area the higher the water went. I knew it was going to get me...but for some reason I didn´t do anything to stop it....

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