Sunday, January 6, 2008

Chile-Peru border

Ok, where did I leave off? Yes, another overnight bus trip. Had to get out of that town Calama...being there was reminding me that I had no reason to be there, lol.

Slept much better on this particular trip...probably because I was so damn tired...oh, and the Ambien too, or maybe I´m just getting accustomed to sleeping on bumpy roads.

So got up to the border with Peru about 7 AM today. Wasn´t totally sure how I was going to cross the border when I got to the train station...but never usually exist. Guy flagged me down to be the final passenger in his beat-up Chevy Impala. He´d already gotten 4 other locals to pile in, so I gave him his $4 and hopped in. Guy drove us about 40 miles or so and helped with the border formalities. What a deal!

So yay! Peru at last.

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