Monday, January 28, 2008

Andean villages

Since it was just Miguel and I doing the trek we didn´t have our own cook and horses. Instead we stopped for the night at different farms and pitched our tent in the yard and had meals with them. This was pretty cool...probably one of the best parts about the trip. Now that I can converse fairly well in the language it´s always nice to get to talk to different people a little bit. The meals were always the same...start out with a soup of some kind, followed by the entree which would likely be a lot of rice with some veggies and potatoes, and finish up with a cup of hot tea. The tea never came with the meal - only after. All the meals had this format during the trek. There was no power or anything of the sort out there and the huts were dirtfloor shacks. Quite authentic...and they owners were always nice enough to let me dry my shoes next to the cooking fire....

The land out here is very mountainous as you can imagine...hopefully the pictures I add later will get this point across. But the people still manage to do some farming...often on land that is on the side of a mountain with an angle of 45 degrees or more.

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