Tuesday, February 12, 2008


This was an earlier entry that I decided to leave out. Changed my mind.

So Cartagena, Colombia...let´s see... The bars down here...well, first of all the girls are something else. Cartagena, being on the Caribbean, has a nice mix of races and ethnicities, more so than many of the other countries further south which are a bit more homogenous.

Anyway, my buddy was looking for a bar with some local girls so the locals we asked pointed us to Dolce Vita and Isis. I am not in the market for any of this type of stuff at all, but can´t refuse to help a friend a little bit. Wasn´t sure what to expect at first, but when you open the door and enter and the girl to guy ratio is about 3:1 and the women are all super-hot you know something is different. That and the 60 year-old American guy sitting in the corner with a 22 year-old let you know that cash is changing hands.

They don´t really approach you and bother you, which is nice in a way. You´re not getting pestered to buy drinks or anything really. But if you happen to make eye contact with one of them you can expect them to hold it steadily and in a manner that nice girls just don´t do.

Apparently, the local regular girls here in Cartagena don´t go in bars...bars are exclusively for pros. From the picture I posted above the place seems innocuous enough, but I reckon for anyone who knows a bit about ancient religions, gods, and goddesses you might get a clue from the name Isis that there´s more than meets the eye. We, however, had no idea.

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