Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Lima again

Been back here in Lima for awhile now, although the flight the other day was delayed significantly. Spent hours in the airport chatting with a young couple from California who had had a terrible time with their travel agent. Lies, overcharges, general disorganization. They didn´t speak any Spanish though which I think can hurt you down here, although my Spanish even after a few months barely seems any help sometimes. Anyway, based on what they told me and after my own difficulties I would recommend the would-be traveler maintain a healthy skepticism of the capabilities and motivations of travel agents down here. Unfortunately, to do the Inca Trail you have to use a guide and book in advance so many people end up using agents. I´m sure there are plenty of good ones....

So Lima has become like a second home. No real reason to be here...other than the fact that I met someone here who I very much enjoy spending time with....

Headed off to Colombia on Saturday. After that it´ll be Venezuela for a stretch. It'll be nice to get back on the road again.

Thinking back on MP, I have to say it was one of the highlights of my travels this past year and I´ve seen quite a bit by now. I just really enjoyed sitting up there on the bluffs, eating my apple and looking at it. Kind of hard to explain I guess. I think part of what helped me enjoy it more was my energy level was really good after hiking for a few days prior and working out for a couple weeks ahead of time. This enabled me to do the hikes in the MP area and scramble around MP without really getting tired. You´ll see quite a few older folk sweating and panting up there, but they manage.

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