Sunday, February 10, 2008

Arrived in Colombia

Had my flight out of Lima yesterday. Had a layover in PAnama City. Panama City looked pretty impressive from the air. Hadn´t expected to see all those tall buildings, and the propaganda I read in the airport sparked my interest a bit. Apparently anyone can become a Panamanian if they have about 200K to buy a house or CD in the country. And I like those low taxes. I think I may come back to Panama to check it out for a few days.

Airport was full of stores selling electronics and liquor. Nice prices too. But only one restaurant in the gate area...didn´t appeal to me so I had a dinner of Doritos and Snickers. Was nice to find the regular flavor Doritos though...hadn´t seen that in if I could only find some peanut butter....

Airport also had flights to Cuba and the loudspeaker was only used very sparingly to make announcements. When the flight was ready to go, the guy at the gate just called out to everyone and we all got on. Flight even left 10 minutes early. All in all a pleasant two hour layover in Panama.

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