Sunday, April 6, 2008


Did the zip-line tour. It wasn´t that great but kind of something you feel like you should was, after all, probably the only time in my life I´ll hang from a cable and zip 750 meters over a rain forest. The Tarzan swing was pretty good I have to admit...the guides kind of had to push me off as I wasn´t ready quite as fast as they wanted me to be. Just wanted to be sure you know. The wildlife/plantlife attractions are mostly lost on me.

I reckon standing near that waterfall in the picture is the safest way to experience the force of a minor hurricane...a waterfall that size can generate a lot of wind in an enclosed area. Tomorrow I´m going to try to make it to San Carlos, Nicaragua on the eastern shore of the world´s tenth largest freshwater lake, Lake Nicaragua. I´m ready to get on out of Costa Rica...all the locals keep talking to me in English and I hate that. I´d say give them another 15 years and this country will be more or less bi-lengual. Costa Rica is also fairly pricey, especially in these heavily touristed areas. In Nicaragua I´ll be more off the beaten path, which should be cheap and uncomfortable.

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