Thursday, April 10, 2008


After my night out in San Carlos I was greeted with a cup of coffee with breakfast. I should mention that I don´t drink coffee...I´d finished I think two cups in my life before this event. Hard to say why I haven´t drank more...I guess I´ve never liked hot drinks and I never really had an interest in drinking too much caffeine because I always end up chemically addicted and hate suffering the headaches to get off it. I am, however, well aware of the uses people have for coffee as I´ve seen people drinking it around the different places I´ve worked. Yes, I have worked before...but not much and it seems like forever since.

Anyway, so went ahead and tried it...with a spoonful of sugar added...and...I enjoyed it. Thoroughly. The Nicaraguan coffee tastes incredible...nothing like what I had before. And now I see why people line up at Starbucks and pay so much. I will not be one of those people...but when I´m in a position to take advantage of a caffeine boost and have good coffee available I may have to choose a cup of Joe.

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