Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Leon to San Pedro Sula

So I'm here in San Pedro Sula today. Got here last night. SPS is the fastest growing city in Central America...and for that reason I want to get out of here as soon as growing cities in Latin America usually mean disorganization, crime, and exception here. Only came through here to pick up my cousin at the airport, and then we'll head over to the beach at La Ceibu this evening.

The trip up from Nicaragua was not too bad. I had thought about getting one of the express-direct buses that will carry you between the major cities without stops...all the tourists take these, but decided not to since the express buses that come through Leon (ah yes, I did spend 3 uneventful days in Leon, chilling out at the house/hotel of a guy I met during the climb of Concepcion) go to El Salvador and I wanted to go to Tegucigalpa. So rather than the bigger bus, I managed to take a series of vans that got me across the border and near Tegucigalpa. The vans are a good system...they leave whenever they're full and take you direct. They're more cramped and uncomfortable, but since the trips are never longer than 1.5 hours or so it's not too bad at all. And faster. Completed the trip to the Honduran capital in a larger, local bus that covered 90 miles in 4.5 hours. Ouch. Arriving in Tegucigalpa after dark. I hate arriving in these bigger cities after dark but managed to do the same thing last night here in SPS.

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