Monday, March 24, 2008

Bus reflections

The bus ride back to Lima took 18 hours but was reasonably comfortable, though I´ll never understand why the bus company feels compelled to put on a movie at high volume at 7 am.

Not much up there between Mancora and Lima. Peru basically has 3 climate-terrains...desert on the coast, jungle in the East, and Andes in between. The desert coast is definitely desert...makes southern California look like a rain forest. I had wondered before why the Incans settled in the craggy Andes rather than on the I know why.

Definitely been struggling a bit with the language since I got back to the Spanish-speaking world, and I was only gone a couple weeks. Being sick did not help; my mind felt very slow during that time. I come to realize consistency is key. It´s tough for me to turn the Spanish on and off like a switch, but once I get it going for a little while I tend to do pretty well.

Done quite a lot of traveling alone in the past year. It certainly has its advantages...the biggest one being that you meet more people along the way from all over the world and the local area. And having all that time to yourself does help you get to know yourself...recognize how you´re feeling inside at a particular time and deal with it. On the other hand, I think all that time alone has made me a little selfish that I´m spending a lot of time with someone else I´m starting to realize that I´m very accustomed to doing things my way and don´t have much/enough patience for others´ needs/desires. I´ll have to make some adjustments.

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