Sunday, March 16, 2008

Back to Peru

Got the late bus out of Quito toward Peru. I figured when I only paid $10 for a 14-hour ride I would probably be the only foreigner on the bus...which turned out to be true. Prices can be cheaper here though since gas is apparently subsidized given that it costs a mere $1.50 a gallon and only about a buck for diesel. I tend to not be a big fan of government interference in market conditions, but I suppose subsidizing gas in poorer countries like Ecuador could have beneficial affects for the economy...though for richer countries with alternatives at their disposal I don´t agree with it in this day and age.

Anyway, wasn´t too bad of a trip. The buses in Ecuador tend to lock the bathroom and make stops every few hours to allow people some relief. I like this system better as I for some reason tend to end up sitting in the back by the bathroom and the traffic and smells can take a bit of the enjoyment out of the ride. Apparently, the have some executive style luxury buses here in Ecuador but I´ve yet to see one. So I managed to get very little sleep...something that may have been a factor in what happened later.

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