Thursday, September 10, 2009


This blog is not over yet for those of you out there still reading. I promise I have more topics to explore. I've just got some other stuff I need to catch up on (like LIVING) before I get more entries posted. We did get some rough news today that 4 ETTs were killed in an ambush not far from where we were stationed during our time. That's the most ETTs ever lost in one attack.


Little Bill said...

I read Bouhammer and the ambush report, and came away with disgust just like he said I would.

These people will pretend to be our friends as long as we give, give, give, just like you said. I'm getting sick of the whole effort. Glad you are home.

God bless these 4 Marines and their families.

Anonymous said...

I, too, read the news of the ambush report and gave a thanks above that you were no longer there. Welcome home!

Anonymous said...

I was sickened by the loss of the four Marines and my heart weeps for their families. May God be with all of them and our unselfish men and women who serve our country. May they be safe and out of harms way. Thank you!!