Wednesday, June 25, 2008


These days I'm mostly just kicking it at home with my parents...awaiting what's next. Been keeping myself busy by studying for the GMAT, which I'm going to take next week. Whether I'm going to go to business school or not is still up in the air, but studying for the test has given me something to do. I actually considered starting a GMAT study blog (yes, there are lots of these floating around on the internet), but decided my time would be better spent studying for the test rather than writing about my experiences studying for the test.

I recently finally found out exactly what I'm going to be doing all expenses paid trip to Afghanistan. I volunteered and ended up getting exactly the job I wanted so I'm very happy. After having not worked for a year, you could say that I'm ready to do something productive again...not to mention my bank accounts are getting a little thin. I'll head over to Hawaii (not a bad deal, right?) for training in a month or so and then we'll head out to Central Asia sometime in November most likely.

I'm confident Afghanistan will provide ample material to continue this blog, though given the nature of what we'll be doing I may be relegated to producing funny stories and observations rather than actual day-to-day stuff. Ah, the funny stories are better anyway.

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